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In group meetings, private sessions, equatorial adventures or intimate gatherings, thousands of people have connected with Rex Urwin and stepped closer to achievements of significance in their lives.

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Giving Back

We feel there is much to be done to facilitate a better humanity.  

The work of the Mind Matters Institute with Catherine Connolly and Rex Urwin in Indonesia includes micro financing. A school in Puhu village, Bali who has suffered its cultural music disappearing has been able to become one of the most famous in Bali for its cultural music through a program initiated by Mind Matters.

The joy of becoming involved with the ancient traditions and being able to offer a little support is extraordinarily rewarding.  We are excited to continue this tradition through our affiliation with One Mind Foundation and One Purse One Planet where we sit on the board of directors with the responsibility to create a positive effect. 

Ready to get some Rex?

With more than 20 years professional, therapeutic and academic experience, Rex is a seasoned professional.

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The environment that lets you realise your potential is often unique to you. Rex will help you identify which of his safe, honest, creative and deeply meaningful programs will best allow you to access motivation and clarity that may otherwise seem just beyond your reach.